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By 19. December 2022December 20th, 2022News
Coral reef clean from oil spill

LanoPro are extending their commitment to help shipowners, managers and operators reduce accidental pollution of all our oceans, seas, and waters. LanoPro have extended availability of their award winning Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, (EALs) to many additional ports and countries. This enables companies to supply their fleets with high performance lubricants wherever they are required.

The products are Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Non-Bioaccumulative, meaning they do not build up in aquatic creature’s bodily systems, thus meeting customers CSR and ESG commitments.

LanoPro can help with changeover from conventional fossil crude oil derived lubricants to a clean, new arrangement that in the case of wash off does not pollute the seas from the vessel.

Such products are; Wire Rope Grease, General Purpose and Universal EP2 Greases, Rudder Stock EP0 lubricant along with Hydraulic and Anti-Corrosion fluids. Recently LanoPro have also extended their range of products by introducing LanoPro Offshore Grease HD2 EAL along with LanoPro Dope-X HD2 EAL. These are suitable for use by the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry.

The grades are backed with HOCNF credentials and years of research and development, resulting in sustainable environmentally acceptable products as a high-performance alternative to conventionally made pollutants.

LanoPro will help, guide, and assist all owners to furnish their fleets with complete deck lubrication in an economical way whilst protecting the environment. Any ship operator can simply email [email protected] for a fast response with options for delivery in virtually all major ports.

For a period to assist operators with the changeover from fossil derived products to environmentally acceptable ones, LanoPro will defer the new year price increase and absorb any additional transport costs from their hub ports.

Make, “Take Care of Your Sea, in 2023” the mantra for your organisation and reduce pollution from your vessels and installations for good.