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LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL

Performance Properties

Steel Wire Rope / Cable Lubrication & Protection

LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL is a readily biodegradable grease lubricant specifically formulated and developed for lubrication & protection of steel wire ropes / cables.

Premium grade grease designed for maximum lubrication and protection against degradation / corrosion, penetrates well and lubricates the steel ropes between the strings to reduce damaging friction. Highly recommended to use a pressurized wire rope lubricator to fully take advantage of the grease’s thixotropic properties (the grease softens under pressure) in order to maximize the product’s penetrating ability. The product will not leave a sheen on water after contact.

Technical data
Base oil viscosity at 40°C: 140 mm2/s
4-ball weld load: 2400N
Oil separation 168h/40°C: <0.5%
Water resistance at 90°C: 0
Saltspray test: >700hr
Sheen test: Pass, no iridescence/sheen
Temperature range: -10°C to +90°C

• VGP/EAL compliant
• Very good thixotropic behavior
• Strong corrosion protection
• Excellent low friction lubricant
• Good penetration properties

Achilles certificate LanoPro Wire Oil 30 EAL

LanoPro lubrication symbol


LanoPro corrosion protection symbol

Corrosion Protection

LanoPro water resistance symbol

Water Resistance

EAL approved symbol LanoPro

EAL Approved

LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL

General steel wire ropes / cables;

  • Mooring wires
  • Davit wires
  • Towing wires
  • Crane wires
  • Etc.


Performance Properties