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LanoPro is an independent company developing, manufacturing and offering high-performance lubricants and specialty chemicals that are sustainable. We market and supply our range of lubricants globally through our world-wide stock-points and regional distribution & sales partners. Since inception in 2006 we have been investing and focusing on developing high-performance specialty lubricants and chemicals in response to the increasing demand for environmentally acceptable products. We consider biodegradability, bioaccumulation potential, and toxicity properties carefully, and we choose renewable and sustainable feed-stock, and additive alternatives in our formulations.

Our Mission: LanoPro shall offer sustainable high-performance specialty lubricants and chemicals with minimal environmental impact

Our Vision: Making sustainable lubricants and chemicals the preferred choice

LanoPro is today offering an extensive range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) and specialty lubricants and chemicals for Marine, Offshore, Mining and General Industry applications. Unique technology, environmentally adapted, compliant, high-performance and corrosion protection prevention lies at the core of our products’ properties while simultaneously offering the favorable technical characteristics common to non-sustainable products.

LanoPro is proud to offer a comprehensive range of specialty greases, oils, coatings and chemicals,  with several years of proven track record with premier end-users. Through our well progressed sales & distribution channels and world-class supply partners we offer superior & fit-for-purpose lubricants and chemicals at commercially competitive terms.

Our office locations include Singapore and Oslo.

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