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Oslo/Vancouver – May 2021

Seaspan faced a problem with leakage/ water ingress on the bow thruster on a series of 8 14000 TEU sister vessels. This was naturally a big challenge to the operation of the vessels. The normal thing to do in this situation is to take the vessels out of service and dock for repair, which would have been very time consuming and expensive. After a meeting with LanoPro, it was agreed to test LanoPro Leak Stop. LanoPro Leak Stop is a high-end product that has proven to stop all kinds of leakages in thrusters, engines and hydraulic systems where oil is used and where gaskets, over time, can crack and start leaking.

We started out with one vessel and after 24 hours of service the crew confirmed that the water ingress to the oil had stopped. We are very happy that we could help Seaspan to solve this problem very cost efficiently and without need of docking.

Please see the following letter of recommendation from the vessel manager Mr. Xavier Rebello

Season solved leakage on vessel with LanoPro Leak Stop Leak Stop flyer LanoPro


Seaspan Company Information

Seaspan provides many of the world’s major shipping lines with alternatives to vessel ownership by offering long-term leases on large, modern containerships combined with industry-leading ship management services.


We operate and manage state-of-the-art containerships, facilitating the transport of goods worldwide. Our fleet is comprised of 160 vessels of varying capacity on a fully-delivered basis.

With a staff of over 5200 employees, we oversee and manage every aspect of the process from ship to shore. A conservative, strategic approach allows for measured and consistent growth, while a strong set of values govern the integrity of our everyday decisions.