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LanoPro Leak Stop

Premium additive to stop sweating and leaks

LanoPro Leak Stop is a premium additive for gears, transmissions and engines to prevent and stop sweating and leaks from gaskets. Gaskets will over time harden and, in some cases, result in oil/ liquid leakages. The product has a fast effect and rapidly gets to work.

The product also adds lubricity and reduces friction at high loads. LanoPro Leak Stop is suitable for mineral oils, synthetic oils and biodegradable esters.

NOTE: The product is not suitable for use in vegetable type oils.

Easy to use and Quick
Cost effective
• Life span of equipment substantially increased 
Avoid unforeseen & untimely repair costs
Reduces noise from servo pumps
• Excludes use of chlorine & harmful solvents
contribution to corrosion & harms the environment

Stop Leaks - LanoPro

Leak Stop;

  • Propeller Shafts
  • Thrusters
  • Engines
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Gear Systems