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Solstad Maximus are using LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL

Solstad Maximus selected LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL

Designed and built by VARD shipyard in Norway, the Solstad Maximus went into operation in 2016 and  has onboard several thousand metres of wire rope, all of which being lubricated and protected by LanoPro’s Wire Grease ST2 EAL.

LanoPro have since 2010 actively been supplying wire oil and wire grease lubricants to Solstad offshore vessels and are proud to continue this relationship to support their impressive fleet, which is growing rapidly.

The most recent addition to the fleet is the world’s largest CSV, (Construction Support Vessel), offering impressive crane capacity. Due to the high performance properties of the LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL – excellent wire rope lubrication, protection and being fully environmentally friendly, the decision to roll out LanoPro to Solstad Maximus was a given.


Victor Kjøde – Crane Supervisor Solstad Shipping stated:

By using LanoPro’s lubricants we have experienced prolonged life time of our wire ropes enabling us to optimise our operation and costs. LanoPro have been very responsive and also gained necessary OEM approvals to support our wire equipment onboard.  LanoPro has also proven to be a reliable and professional supplier in terms of order management, on-time deliveries and high product availability across their stock points globally.