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“Latest LanoPro Lockdown Leap”

By 24. February 2021June 28th, 2021News
Siort, our new Lubricant distributor in Australia

Oslo – 24th of February 2021

Despite the challenging issues that 2020 has brought us all, LanoPro Production AS, has successfully partnered with Siort PTY Ltd of Melbourne, to make Australasia the next step in LanoPro’s fast expanding Environmentally Friendly “Mission”.

Thought to be the fastest growing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant and Anti-Corrosion specialist Worldwide, LanoPro have expanded on the other side of the globe – down under. This is in order to fulfil demand for their premium quality, cost effective range of Biodegradable and super Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs).


Despite the various measures introduced by governments regarding travel restriction during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, LanoPro showed that it was still able to conduct business development remotely – and have signed Siort as their exceptional new partner in this region of our planet. Since LanoPro’s inception in 2006, they have been investing in and focusing on developing high- performance specialty lubricants. This was a response to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly / bio-degradable lubricants. Backed up by findings of new local partner Siort, who have noted that their own well established clientele, are seeking non-toxic, high quality performance lubricants and solutions. The two organisations aim to make a difference to the environment using each others unique style.

Siort’s Managing Directors Bertrand Fabre and Dominique Guillot stated:-

Driven by our aim at providing quality lubricants assisted with personalized customer service experience and in line with our motto which is to make quality a standard, it didn’t take us long to be entrusted by some of the leading operators in various industries. Today, we proudly service a wide variety of industries around Australia including and not limited to mining, manufacturing, agriculture, marine, mobile cranes, civil works and so forth. At SIORT we do take the protection of our environment very seriously and providing an extensive range of high quality Environmentally Friendly Lubricants (EALs) is a clear illustration of our attachment to this quest.

Siort’s Aim

“At SIORT we don’t just believe in building customers but building relationships instead is what matters the most, based on our ability to create trust between both parties and putting our words into practice, which is to be providing quality consistently in everything we do”.

LanoPro now have stocks available on the Continents of; Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and South America. Superb products coupled with operational excellence, and unique pricing structures of zero port and pack differentials – have made LanoPro the supplier of choice for many of the World’s largest fleets.

The next step in the programme of having full global delivery capability has been accomplished, despite strict travel restrictions and is testament to Siort’s flexible and adaptable approach, plus LanoPro’s determination to help contribute to a cleaner greener planet.

Our Mission: LanoPro shall offer high performance specialty lubricants with minimal environmental impact.
Our Vision: Making environmentally friendly lubricants the preferred choice.