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Save TIME & MONEY with LanoPro Leak Stop

LanoPro are proud to launch a new product to help shipowners, offshore industry and harbours to reduce their repair and maintenance costs and stem pollution from leaking seals.

Seals such as O-rings and most types of gaskets harden with time, consequently, shaft deterioration and leakages will occur.

On inspecting replaced damaged gaskets it can be seen that they have hardened, causing minute harmful cracks to develop on their surfaces.

LanoPro Leak Stop is preventing this from happening.

The use of conventional mineral oils is the main cause of these problems, as they extract substances from the gaskets resulting in hardening and cracking.

LanoPro Leak Stop is a premium product who have two main benefits

  • Maintenance; Add 1% LanoPro Leak Stop into the total oil volume as an additive for gears, thrusters, propeller shafts, transmissions and engines to prevent and stop sweating and leaks from gaskets. Gaskets will cure and harden over time and in some cases result in oil / liquid leakages. The product has a solid effect and also add lubricity and reduces friction on high loads.
  • Damage Control; Add 3% LanoPro Leak Stop into the total oil volume to stop uncontrolled leakage for gears, thrusters, propeller shafts, transmissions and engines. As long as seals are not physically broken the leakage will stop. This is important on submerged equipment such as propeller shafts or thrusters to stop pollution and save huge emergency repair costs.


One example was a tanker vessel with a thruster that had oil leakage. The vessel was due to dock two years later. To take the vessel out of service, would pose a huge cost to the owner, as the vessel was on a fixed trade. The leakage was a danger to pollution to the sea – which would have been very ecologically devastating and could have led to large fines.

If they stopped the vessel to repair the thruster, the off-hire and repair cost would have been prohibitively expensive and have taken some two to three weeks. Instead of doing this; they used the LanoPro Leak Stop to solve their problem with minimal costs…

LanoPro Leak Stop is suitable for mineral oils, synthetic oils and biodegradable esters.

There are many advantages of the LanoPro Leak Stop. Read more about this here.