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LanoPro Green Shield for cars, buses, and tractors

LanoPro has protected equipment against corrosion on-board oil platforms and ships in the most demanding environment on the planet, for more than a decade.

We are proud to introduce our new product line based on this knowledge, to protect the Auto industry against corrosion and degradation. 

As development progresses and the environmental aspect becomes more and more important, we have seen the need to develop products for the automotive industry as well.

Today’s existing conventional crude oil derived technology, contains too many hazards for the environment and the workers who use these products on a daily basis. Many of the most well-known hard coatings contain health and harmful environmental substances and VOCs.

Our products contain no harmful substances either for humans or the environment. LanoPro Green Shield products are based on the knowledge we have built through our projects with some of the biggest Multinational oil companies Corporations and shipping companies in the world. The products contain probably the highest content of lanolin in the market, which has proven to be a key ingredient for protection against rust.

Lanolin has been used for hundreds of years. It has been proven that the Norwegian Vikings used Lanolin, to preserve everything from boats to various metals. LanoPro Green Shield is our solution to today’s challenges for protection of all types of vehicles such as; cars, campers, buses, lorries and tractors.

There are many suppliers on the market that offer undercoat treatment, and most of the products which are used are hard coatings that can crack up eventually, thus posing a major danger of rust formation underneath. The LanoPro Green Shield will never crack, but rather creep through capillary action and protect the metal thereby protecting your vehicle in the best possible way.

The results and record would show that LanoPro Green Shield will fulfil the expectation for the highest level possible corrosion protection on all types of vehicles, with the most environmentally friendly products – that take care of both people and the environment.

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