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Wire Grease used by London Ship Managers London Ship Managers (LSM) have of late been increasing their environmentally friendly practices. In accordance with their company policy of continuous improvement, the company decided to trial a wire rope lubricant and protective – LanoPro Wire Rope Grease ST2 EAL – on their fleet.

Their managed fleet comprises of refrigerated cargo vessels which trade between the Philippines, Japan and Korea carrying chilled fresh produce to a tight timescale. Certain vessels were supplied with LanoPro Wire Grease ST2 EAL from one of LanoPro’s worldwide stockpoints, Busan in South Korea.

The trial commenced with Wire Grease ST2 EAL being applied in the heat and humidity of the Philippines. The product was easily applied in a traditional method by hand by the crew. Wire Grease ST2 EAL is readily biodegradable, non toxic and  non bio-accumulative. It meets the US EPA requirements and classed as an “Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant” (EAL).

LanoPro ST 2 EAL contains bio-degradable esters and boasts lanolin amongst its components. LanoPro Wire Grease was developed over 11 years ago for use in the environmentally sensitive Norwegian sector of the North Sea, many years prior to the current adoption of Vessel General Permit (VGP) arrangements for vessels calling into USA ports. It therefore has a long track record compared to products recently rushed into service following the introduction of the VGP in December 2013.

With this tremendous track record of environmental care, LanoPro were confident that the management and crew, who would use the product, would give a vote of confidence compared to bitumen type based alternative current products.

Wire Grease ST2 EAL is translucent, allowing crew to identify corrosion, wear or stand breakage in wire ropes. The grade is harmless to humans and the ocean, nor does it stain decks or cause clean up challenges. It has thixotropic behaviour which allows it to penetrate fully into the rope core when worked, then seal the rope with a breathable coating to ensure salt water spray cannot ingress and cause corrosion. Wire rope protectives that allow saltwater in and trap it, considerably shorten the life of wire ropes.

London Ship Managers stated:

“We have tested the above on our vessel and the sea staff  have come back with the following comments; The product is very good and better than existing wire grease. It lubricates wires well is resistant to cold weather and they would recommend for future supply.”

LanoPro are delighted that LSM had the vision and environmental concern to use an EAL type lubricant and are particularly pleased with the result. LanoPro look forward to working with LSM for any additional environmentally friendly products such as deck greases, corrosion inhibitors and cleaning products.