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Probably the Marine & Offshore’s finest, and truly sustainable Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) for Wire Ropes celebrates over a decade of use.

LanoPro Production AS was formulating & implementing the supply of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants into the Norwegian sector of the North Sea, long before improved anti-pollution legislation, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency Vessel General Permit (VGP) regulations came into force in 2008.

Today, after over 10 years in operation, many owners have decided this is the best Wire Rope Lubricant in the market and have acted to adopt its use throughout their fleets. Some deep-water operators discovered it is the only product to retain within wires deployed at 3,000Mtr + depths.

The theory and design of the lubricant establishes the ability to achieve a reduction in fretting corrosion, within the core of wire ropes. It manages this by filling the asperities with molecules of Lanolin. These are highly attracted to the metal surfaces, with further layers of lanolin unleashed throughout the rope through adhesive and cohesive bonding, thereby reducing fretting corrosion and extending wire rope life.

LanoPro’s Wire Rope Grease ST2 EAL is available worldwide at strategically located hubs. Variants of the product are available such as in Singapore where a “Green” coloured version reduces the translucency of the grade. Many operators like to see through the lubricant to check on wires, others prefer to see a darker coating, hence the introduction of the darker “Green” grade. LanoPro with its flexible manufacturing stance is able to respond to change and solve this unique requirement. 

LanoPro, probably the World’s fastest accelerating marine lubricants supplier, has some of the longest references in the field of Environmentally Acceptable Lubrication of Wire Ropes. It uses readily biodegradable plant oils, combined with a unique Lanolin supplement to enhance all round performance.