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LanoPro Specialty Lubricants

LanoPro Specialty Lubricants

LanoPro recently conducted a 3rd party review to cross match their products against many leading manufacturers including oil majors such as; Castrol, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Gulf, Lukoil, Panolin, Shell, Total and Vickers Oil.

The review was conducted by U.K. Based Optimain Limited. A specialist consultancy operated by Danny Shorten. He had previously worked for almost 20 years within Lloyds Register (LR) as an Oil Analysis and Condition Monitoring Specialist. More lately he was employed as Product Manager, Maintenance Management Services.

Shorten was seen to have the independence and a broad deep understanding of tribology and lubricants. He was instrumental in developing the LR greasing schedule advice for offshore slewing bearings and FPSO turrets operating in the North Sea.

Using Optimain’s consulting services LanoPro were able to independently verify their products could be used as replacements for many commonly used lubricants. A replacement grade chart is available on request from Lanopro, along with helpful advice and support for environmentally friendly lubrication solutions and changeover practices.