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LanoPro Extends Supply Network into United Kingdom

LanoPro has increased the availability of its premium range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) into the United Kingdom, with a large stock held at a strategic location that allows shipowners and operators to lubricate equipment in a more environmentally acceptable, convenient and cost-effective manner.

LanoPro’s portfolio of high performance EALs is now available for immediate delivery in the United Kingdom, this follows on from earlier expansion into Australasia earlier in 2021. All continents are now stocked with LanoPro’s uniquely formulated products, that can provide superior anti-corrosion and exceptional performance in harsh maritime conditions. With the company proudly expanding rapidly due to unprecedented demand. It is believed that many shipowners and operators have accepted the fact that it is unacceptable to have conventional mineral lubricants on deck. The uber progressive philosophy of LanoPro is to provide outstanding products at a competitive price, coupled with reliable and responsive delivery.

Within the UK, stock is held near the key port of Southampton by also exponentially growing Hampshire Oil & Grease (HOG). In partnership with HOG, LanoPro is able to deliver not only to all ports on UK’s South coast but all other ports nationwide. Like LanoPro Hampshire Oil and Grease is fast growing and prides itself on first class delivery ability plus unrivalled customer support. Managing Director David Harrington has been involved in the sale, supply and marketing of Lubricants all his working life and states; “We are delighted to stock LanoPro’s range of top-tier Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, their product leadership coupled with our operational excellence will ensure marine customers throughout the UK can benefit along with the environment”.

Substantial stock is being held, sold and marketed by HOG in Southampton, supported by LanoPro’s seasoned Marine network of agents such as; Boxer Marine Services, Leo Maritime, Mak-Spec and Marine Offshore Management. This ensures full coverage of the UK market, for domestic, international and inland waterway vessels. Peter Tedder, LanoPro’s Area Representative for Lanopro explains, “This is another major positive step for LanoPro, our aim is to help make our customers’ voyages more environmentally acceptable, efficient and cleaner. This year and 2020 have been particularly challenging due to the pandemic, however it just shows that through goodwill and co-operation – solutions to reduce pollution and keep machinery well maintained can be found. With LanoPro’s extensive coverage, range and support we’ve been able to offer our customers lower costs, simpler operations and the ability to meet Corporate Social Governance (CSG) targets”.

LanoPro’s EALs can be supplied in key strategically located ports around the world, including; Algeciras, Amsterdam, Busan, Cape Town, Dubai, Fujairah, Hong Kong, Houston, Melbourne, Oslo, Panama, Rotterdam, Santos, Singapore and now Southampton. LanoPro customers report that the simplified pricing matrix with no port or pack differential and low minimum order quantities make LanoPro a supplier of choice, their extensive reference list of top-tier clients is testament to that.