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Keep Our Seas Clean -

Keep Our Seas Clean

LanoPro, reportedly one of the World’s fastest growing marine lubricant suppliers, today launched a campaign to help ship-owners stop inadvertently polluting the sea with used mineral greases and oils commonly used on deck.

It is reported that around 40-50,000 Cubic Meters of used, crude oil derived, mineral oils end up in the seas every year, due to leakage and wash off. This volume equates approximately to 20 % the volume of crude oil released into the sea by the Amoco Cadiz grounding, the World’s largest incident of this kind. This is being inadvertently released into our seas and oceans every year!

Crude oil derived refined mineral oils are toxic to aquatic life and do not readily biodegrade. If they are consumed by aquatic organisms they steadily build up, as they are also bio-accumulative and are unable to be secreted by the creatures. Naturally, the more contaminated fish humans or other sea creatures eat over a lifetime, the greater the risk of developing health problems.

LanoPro are redoubling efforts to educate shipping personnel on the impact of, (and solutions for), used lubricant leakage and wash off. LanoPro are doing this along with offering to reduce overall lifecycle costs for applying bio-degradable lubricants on ALL deck equipment such as; winches, windlasses, open gears, wire ropes, hydraulic systems and bearings in order to Keep Our Seas Clean.

Guarantees are offered to customers using LanoPro products that include; full US Environmental Protection Agency VGP compliance, full worldwide availability, prompt delivery in full & on time at lowest possible delivered cost.

LanoPro believes that the ocean is all our business and all organisations involved with making a living from our waters, need to take action to prevent pollution. LanoPro will help, support and supply Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) wherever and whenever needed and assist shipping companies and managers meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.

LanoPro wish all their customers a Happy and pollution free New Year and will assist them to “Keep Our Seas Clean in 2018”.