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LanoPro Multi Grease WRM2

Performance Properties

Multi-Purpose Grease EP 2

Modern high performance multipurpose grease suitable for both industrial, marine, mining and automotive applications. Suitable for various applications in wet / corrosive environments.

The grease is suitable for a wide range of plain and rolling bearings.

The properties of the grease makes it highly recommended as a maintenance grease for wire ropes. The product is also suitable for application during the manufacturing process of steel wire ropes and forms a protective & lubricating shield in between the wire strings and steel rope

• Very good water resistance
• Good corrosion protection
• Very suitable for wire rope maintenance
• Wide range of use
• Good mechanical stability
• Good load carrying capacity

Technical data
Dropping point: >140°C
Base oil viscosity at 40°C: 250 mm²/s
4-ball weld load: 2600 N
Water resistance at 90°C: 0
Temperature range: -30°C to +120°C

multi purpose symbol LanoPro

Multi Purpose

extreme pressure symbol LanoPro

Extreme Pressure

corrosion protection symbol LanoPro

corrosion protection

water resistance symbol LanoPro

water resistance

mineral wire grease


  • Wire rope
  • Manufacturing
  • Deck-equipment
  • Slides, hinges,
  • Propeller cap
  • Stern roller
  • Rudder carrier
  • Etc.


Performance Properties

LanoPro Multi Grease WRM2 Diagram