Applicator Equipment

LanoPro is proud to offer below applicator equipment in order to simplify and optimize the application of our lubricants for specialty applications:


provides fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes at speeds up to 2,000m per hour. 3 VIPER kits are available covering following dimension ranges: 6-36mm (Mini), 8-67mm (Mid) and 50-165mm (Maxi). With a long life time of seals (up to 15000m), it eliminates the slow and labor intensive task of manual lubrication. Whilst at the same time achieving more thorough results by forcing quality lubricant under high pressure right through to the core of the wire rope.

We recommend LanoPro Wire Grease together with the lubricator.


LanoPro Pressure Sprayer is designed and developed to enable effective application of oils, coatings and cleaning products. It can efficiently spray oils and coatings on various applications such as wire ropes, pipes, coils, tools, metal surfaces, equipment etc. The Pressure Sprayer is equipped with a heater in order to achieve an optimum viscosity of the oil / coating during application and maximize penetration. It is a fully insulated, electrically heated pressure vessel. The product inside can be heated to a temperature up to 85° C whilst being pressurized beneath an air cushion. Capacity 23 liter / 6 bar.

We recommend LanoPro Wire Oil and LanoPro Coatings / Cleaners together with the Low Pressure Sprayer.