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LanoPro Hydraulic 46 EAL

Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic Oil

LanoPro Hydraulic Oil 46 EAL is Extremely modern, biodegradable, hydraulic oil, based on synthetic esters. The latest additives technology, combined with synthetic base oils, provides the following special properties:

• Outstanding wear and corrosion resistance: long and reliable service life of hydraulic components
• A high and stable viscosity index: ensures that the hydraulic system operates consistently, whatever the temperature conditions
• Does not affect seals: no risk of leakage
• Rapid air-release and a low tendency to foam: high level of reliability
• Stable oxidation, even at a high temperature: long-life hydraulic oil
• Effective water repellence

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extreme pressure

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corrosion protection

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water resistance

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high temperature

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low temperature

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Environmentally friendly

Hydraulic Oil 46 EAL from LanoPro

Various types of hydraulic systems