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LanoPro Heavy Duty Grease ST2

LanoPro Heavy Duty Grease ST2 is a lithium/calcium complex thickened lubricating grease with a mineral base oil. The grease contains antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors. The functional thickener with built-in EP and AW properties gives the product extreme load carrying capacity making it suitable for heavily loaded applications. The grease has good corrosion protection and water resistance which is important in wet and corrosive environments.

LanoPro Heavy Duty Grease ST2 is a modern high performance product suitable for extreme applications in heavy industry. The extreme load carrying capacity and the excellent water resistance make the product a perfect choice for equipment like pivot points of heavy mining-, and dredging excavators.

extreme pressure symbol LanoPro

Extreme Pressure

heavy load symbol LanoPro

Heavy loads

corrosion protection symbol LanoPro

Corrosion protection

water resistance symbol LanoPro

Water Resistance

LanoPro Heavy Duty Grease ST2

Sample applications;

  • Heavily loaded applications
  • Open gears
  • Pivot points on mining and dredging excavators


Performance Properties

LanoPro Heavy Duty Grease ST2 Diagram