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LanoPro Lubesnake

LanoPro Lubesnake is by far the best and fastes way to lubricate the Fifth Wheel on trucks.

Grease in a “sausage”, is very flexible and can be placed on the fifth wheel in a few minutes without any mess with the manual greasing.

The operation is very simple, even with time squeeze and cold weather, lubrication can easily be done by putting on a sausage before hitching up.

The most important argument with LUBESNAKE® Fifth Wheel Grease is the time saving and the ease of use

  • One lubrication saves >10 min operating time, as a lubrication needs hook off/on and is registered as driving time, i.e. more revenue to the truck company

It often happens that professional drivers who, in a stressed day-to-day life, do not have time to lubricate the fifth wheel, and that it is a messy work and for these reasons it is not given priority.

The lack of lubrication of the turntable can cause the sliding surfaces to lock and the semi-trailer becomes very difficult to drive. This can ultimately cause serious traffic accidents.

With LanoPro Lubesnake its super fast to do the job and avoid accidents.

Link to video on how to use Lubesnake.

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The new way to Grease your Fifth Wheel. Feedback from drivers using LUBESNAKE® is very positive. LUBESNAKE® makes the life much easier for Professional drivers.

  • Size and layout of Fifth Wheel differs, and the sausage can be formed and adapted to fit them all
  • Quick and Simple
  • Clean without any mess
  • Time saving
  • Independent of temperature 
  • Can be placed in the lubrication grooves
  • Skin is bio-degradable
  • No plastic
  • Long lasting skin
LanoPro Lubesnake - Fifth Wheel Grease

Perfect for;

  • Fifth Wheel Lubrication