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LanoPro Coil 10 EAL

Specialty Offshore Coating

The Coiled Tubing Coating is completely non-toxic and does not create an environmental footprint. It is a premium grade coating designed for maximum protection against degradation and corrosion of steel/coil tubing.

Developed specifically for use in offshore equipment and forms a thin protective shield which protects against corrosion under harsh conditions and will not crack or peel. The Coiled Tubing Coating prevents mildew while offering unbeatable weather-proof protection and excellent resistance under the most demanding conditions.

Achilles certificate LanoPro Wire Oil 30 EAL

LanoPro corrosion protection symbol

Corrosion Protection

EAL approved symbol LanoPro

Environmentally Acceptable

LanoPro Coil 10 EAL 20L steel pail for Coiled Tubing

Offshore equipment;

  • Maintenance tools
  • Coil tubing
  • Actuators
  • Machinery
  • Etc.