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POSCO implements environmentally certified multicleaner from LanoPro

By 18. January 2023News
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POSCO implements environmentally certified multi cleaner from LanoPro

POSCO (Pohang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd, ) is a steel company headquartered in Pohang, Korea. Established in 1968, it is the first integrated steelworks in Korea and produces 41 million tons of crude steel annually. It is a global company that produces and sells in 53 countries around the world.

As a result of the evaluation of 36 steel companies around the world conducted by World Steel Dynamics (WSD), a global steel analysis agency, POSCO was selected as the ‘World’s Most Competitive Steel Company’ for 9 consecutive years (2010~).

POSCO has started a collaboration with LanoPro for use of an eco-friendly cleaning agent called LanoPro Multi Cleaner EF-101.

LanoPro Multi Cleaner EF-101 is an alkaline, 100% water-soluble cleaner. It is an eco-friendly food-grade multi-purpose cleaner that has obtained the ‘Nordic Swan Eco Label’, a Nordic eco-friendly biodegradable certification, and the ‘NSF A1’ food-grade cleaning agent certification, a food-grade non-toxic certification by the US National Hygiene Association.

POSCO puts safety and health at its top management value and is doing its best to build a world-class safety culture through voluntary employee-led safety activities. Based on the ideology that ‘the company is healthy when the employees are healthy’, we are focusing on occupational health work in three areas: health promotion, work environment, and disease treatment. ‘Establishment of a chemical management system based on the MSDS system for the correct use of chemicals’, which is the standard for creating a pleasant working environment, ‘Identification and improvement of hazardous factors through measurement and evaluation of the working environment’, ‘Investigation of harmful factors to prevent musculoskeletal disorders’ and management’, ‘resolving inconvenience from the user’s point of view of safety equipment and improving performance’, and ‘NSF A1’ food grade non-toxic certification, harmless to the human body, which is harmless to the human body. It is a safe cleaning agent that meets the standards of composition and guarantees health and safety at the same time, and can be used even in the current enforcement of the Severe Accident Punishment Act and the strengthening of the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

The POSCO LanoPro application case goes to show the strong trend of world-class companies making environment, health, and safety, their top-priority.