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LanoPro Wire Grease ST1.5

Performance Properties

Steel Wire Rope / Cable Lubrication & Protection

Lithium/calcium complex thickened grease based on mineral oil with excellent mechanical stability, good corrosion protection and water resistance which are important in wet and corrosive environments.

Modern high performance lubricant with extreme load carrying capacity making the product the first choice for steel wire ropes / cables, crane wire ropes and heavy loaded applications.

• Extreme load carrying capacity
• Very good mechanical stability
• Good corrosion protect

lubrication symbol LanoPro


extreme pressure symbol LanoPro

Extreme Pressure

heavy load symbol LanoPro

Heavy loads

corrosion protection symbol LanoPro

Corrosion protection

water resistance symbol LanoPro

water resistance

high temperature symbol LanoPro

high temperature

LanoPro Wire Grease ST1.5 is an mineral grease for all kind of wires that dont need VGP approval

General steel wire ropes / cables;

  • Mooring wires
  • Davit wires
  • Towing wires
  • Crane wires
  • Etc.


Performance Properties

LanoPro-Wire-Grease-ST1.5 Diagram