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LanoPro Storage Oil 10 EAL Spray

LanoPro Storage Oil 10 EAL is a light brown thin coating with excellent penetration and corrosion protection properties. It is an oil coating product which is completely non-toxic and does not create an environmental footprint.

LanoPro Storage Oil 10 EAL is a premium grade coating formulated for frequent use in harsh conditions, whilst minimising lubricant build up and abrasive particle contamination. Designed for maximum penetration and protection against degradation and corrosion. The product forms a thin protective shield suitable for short time storage of equipment, material or tools. It is compatible with most mineral oils or other petroleum based products, a test before application is recommended.

All surfaces must be free of dust, oil, gravel, or peeling paint and all other foreign matters. However, the product may be applied on rusty metal without any primer or brushing.

Use normal protective goggles to protect eyes. It is not necessary to take any special precautions for workers that use this product. The oil can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. Coverage rates will vary depending on porosity of surface as well as speed of the application. Avoid applying unless temperature is 0°C or higher.

Technical data
Flash point: >280°C
Viscosity at 40°C: 42 mm²/s
Copper strip corrosion: 1a

LanoPro lubrication symbol


LanoPro corrosion protection symbol

Corrosion protection

EAL approved symbol LanoPro

Environmentally Acceptable

LanoPro Storage Oil 10 EAL Spray can

Short time storage of;

  • Equipment
  • Material or tools