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LanoPro Launch “Fully-Loaded” Lubricant HOCNF and CEFAS APPROVED Jack-Up Grease

After several years of research and development we are very proud to announce a fully-loaded lubricant for the stringiest environmental environments.

Strong environmental proponent LanoPro Production AS, has introduced a biodegradable non-polluting Jack-Up Grease namely LanoPro OG Grease HD0.5 EAL into its supply range.

LanoPro OG Grease HD0.5 EAL is a Calcium/ Lithium complex thickened lubricating grease based on biodegradable esters. The product does not contain conventional Extreme Pressure (EP) and Anti-Wear (AW) additives, since they are built in as part of the grease structure. The combination of the oil blend and functional soap gives the product excellent load carrying capacity.

The grease has superb mechanical stability, extremely good corrosion protection and incredible water resistance. Renowned for excellent service, quality and costs – LanoPro have made this grade available due to demand from shipowners/operators and offshore companies. Many organisations are now taking the Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) option, as they do not wish to pollute the oceans from lubricant wash-off. The grade is classified as an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) according to US EPA Vessel General Requirements and additionally has Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) category and CEFAS approval.

The grade should be used on highly loaded open gears and jack-up machinery or on heavily loaded wire ropes. The grease can withstand extremely high loads and has strong resistance to water washout due to its intrinsic corrosion resistant properties.

The product has a wide operating temperature range from minus – 20 C to + 120C. Because of the lubricant’s excellent low-temperature behavior, it can easily be pumped in centralized lubricating systems as it does not contain any solids. These positive product characteristics enable this formidable Jack-Up lubricant to be used over a far wider temperature range than mineral-oil-based greases.

Customer Benefits:

    • Resists thinning or hardening on application surface, thereby minimizing leakage and maintaining extended film on surface.
    • Specialty additives system minimizes chemical deterioration over extended periods of both storage and service.
    • Provides better film strength even at extreme pressures.
    • Creates a unique protective film which will not wash away even under extreme saltwater exposure.

How to Order: