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EU Ecolabel award for LanoPro Lubricants

Worldwide Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant specialist, LanoPro, has been awarded EU Ecolabel , for its already comprehensive Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) range.

LanoPro’s unique and sustainable formulations are ideal for sensitive applications, such as deck machinery, wire ropes, deck cranes, stern rollers and propeller caps. VGP 2018 may well increase the scope and scale of its requirements and LanoPro have anticipated any changes in regulations, with what is thought to be the most comprehensive compliance in the industry.

The company are ardent supporters of Environmental Protection and recently launched their “Keep our Seas Clean in 2018” campaign. This has already seen major shipping companies place orders for LanoPro’s full EAL product range for challenging environments where unavoidable water contamination is common, due to wash off and weather. The company are advocating the use of all EAL grades on deck, to protect our oceans.

LanoPro are suppliers to many of the world’s top tier shipping companies, ship-managers and oil and gas operators. To mention some: Maersk, Teekay, BW Group, SolstadFarstad, Torm, Angelicoussis Group, Scorpio and many others.

The backbone of the company’s offering are superb products, fast dedicated service response and an enviable pricing system offering simplicity to customers at great value for money.

Sustainable Biodegradable Qualities

Having been in the EAL market for almost two decades, LanoPro’s unique and envied use of Lanolin within many of its products, allows natural products to be used in a harsh and challenging seagoing environment. With this offering, customers can make an informed and calculated decision on the complete use of EALs on deck. This will allow shipping clients such as owners, managers and operators of vessels to take a more environmentally responsible attitude to deck machinery lubrication.

LanoPro’s approach as resulted in being awarded EU Ecolabel Certificate for products that fulfill the ecological criteria for lubricants (2011/381/EU). In additional products has been formulated in accordance with VGP EAL (Vessel General Permit –Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant).

LanoPro are proud to have achieved the EU Ecolabel accolade and more and more ports are being stocked with their unique environmentally friendly products, as more customers agree to “Keep our Seas Clean in 2018”.