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LanoPro Moly Grease 5 HD2

Performance Properties

LanoPro Moly Grease 5 HD2 is a modern high performance product suitable for applications exposed to extremely high loads and very wet environments. Contains 5% Molybdeniumdisulphide for applications there solid particles are requested as an extra protection. Recommended for slow moving bearings, bushings, joints, plain bearings undergoing extreme loads. To be used as chassis grease.

For use in both industrial, mining, marine and “off road” applications. The molybdenum disulphide gives extra protection in applications with slow moving or oscillating motions.

Technical Data
Dropping point: >285ºC
4-ball weld load: 6500 N
Water resistance at 90ºC: 1
Temperature: -50°C to +140°C Max +180°C

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Corrosion protection

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Extreme Pressure

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Heavy loads

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water resistance

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high temperature

LanoPro Marine GR Moly Grease EP2

Marine multi-purpose;

  • Slow moving bearings
  • Bushings
  • Joints
  • Plain bearings
    Undergoing extreme loads
  • Chassis grease


Performance Properties

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