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LanoPro Marine Grease EP0 EAL

Performance Properties

Biodegradable Marine Grease EP0 – NLGI 0

The Marine Grease is a calcium thickened lubricating grease based on biodegradable esters, specifically suitable for marine applications / wet conditions. Also suitable for application during the manufacturing process of steel wire ropes.

The product is an excellent allround multi-purpose grease specifically suitable for marine applications / wet conditions e.g. deck equipment, slides, hinges, sub-merged pumps, propeller caps etc. The lubricating grease has excellent corrosion protection, adhesion and water resistance properties, suitable for lubrication of heavily loaded bearings and in wet and corrosive environments, even at low temperatures. The product is also suitable for application during the manufacturing process of steel wire ropes and forms a protective & lubricating shield in between the wire strings and steel rope.

Modern high performance marine EAL grease for diversified use across the vessel offering excellent corrosion protection, adhesion and water resistance properties, even at low temperatures. Easily pumpable in most modern centralised lubrication systems.

• VGP/EAL compliant
EU Ecolabel approved
• Wide range of marine applications
• Low temperatures
• Good corrosion resistance
• Good mobility in central lubrication systems

LanoPro multi purpose symbol

Multi Purpose

LanoPro extreme pressure symbol

Extreme Pressure

LanoPro hevy load symbol

Heavy loads

LanoPro corrosion protection symbol

Corrosion protection

LanoPro central lubrication symbol

Central Lubrication

EAL approved symbol LanoPro

EAL Approved

Marine multi-purpose;

  • Deck-equipment
  • Slides
  • Hinges
  • Sub-merged pumps
  • Propeller cap
  • Stern roller
  • Rudder carrier
  • Etc.


Performance Properties