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NEW distribution in Brazil – ADEX GROUP

One of the World’s fastest growing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) supplier, LanoPro, are delighted to announce further expansion of their partner network.

LanoPro are always committed to protecting the environment, having a partner in Brazil with various supply hub`s allows us to contribute to better environmentally solutions and eco-friendly lubricants, in this huge country.

ADEX GROUP will be focusing on land-based industry in Brazil especially towards power generation, industry, mining, agriculture, maritime transport, rail transport, land transport, automotive line, civil construction. Our Auto line  corrosion protection for vehicles and equipment will also be a focus area

The partnership with ADEX GROUP will allow us to use the expertise we have gained over a decade in the offshore and shipping industry to focus on land-based industry and thus make this industry see the value of environmentally friendly lubricants, coatings and oils.

We have extremely high environmental standards, with products having US VGP, EU Eco Label and Swedish Standard certification. Understanding the increasing environmental awareness and demand from customers’, LanoPro have made available their remarkable range of lubricants in this key area. This is due to increasing demand from the industry and the need to protect the unique environment in Brazil. LanoPro will now be able to supply their flagship grades in Brazil through the partnership with ADEX GROUP who have a wonderful reputation for excellent service and also offices across Brazil.

LanoPro’s products are non-toxic as opposed to crude oil derived conventional lubricants. They are readily biodegradable should they enter the environment, are non-toxic to aquatic organisms or humans. Changing to lubricant supply to LanoPro is easy, fast and economic. All grades meet or exceed manufacturers specifications and are readily available not only in Brazil – but worldwide in major ports such as; Panama, Algeciras, Busan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Rotterdam, Houston, Cape Town, Fujairah, Dubai and Hamburg.

Enquiries can be sent to [email protected]  and orders can be sent to [email protected] for professional, polite and prompt service.


ADEX GROUP is a Brazilian company, based in São Paulo, dedicated to improving performance and reducing the consumption of machinery that uses and lubricates oil products in operations, those that are prevented and also the environmental impact on our planet. We have achieved this by surpassing existing formulas and through our commitment to continuous research and development and constant innovation in technology. ADEX GROUP is an official distributor of high-performance lubricants and fuel treatment. With exclusive technology, environmentally friendly that does not affect the environment and in compliance with the main environmental sectors in the world, the products are monitored to the main environmental protection agencies. High performance and corrosion prevention is not at the heart of properties of our lubricants and fuel treatment but at the same time it has all the common favourable characteristics for solving specific petrochemical problems.